Nnsdao protocol provides a decentralized organization based on IC in order to gather people with the same values.

Our experts working together

Our mission

The Nnsdao protocol is an open source, decentralized, borderless, autonomous organization built on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) ecology. Nnsdao starts from a people-oriented principle to realize a virtual passport system based on IC, allowing every user involved in the DAO ecology to participate in projects within the IC ecology without threshold, and to realize a new form of organization to DAO, DAO can link organizations, companies, communities, finance, art, games and other ecologies through Nnsdao's virtual identity, and build a world belonging to DAOn with the transparency of blockchain and virtual user credit system.

Nnsdao's goal is ICP to achieve the interconnection of everything, container interconnection, application interconnection, in the era of WEB3.0, everyone can have their own data sovereignty, everyone can achieve autonomy for their favorite DAOs, everything is like Network Nervous System with rules to run and orderly governance, and NNSDAO is not just a DAO, it is more like a glue, how do you feel? Just DAOs it.


Our Values

DAOs to DAOs

We believe that the future of company transparency, independent developer collaboration, and even ideas to change traditional company structures all start with DAOs. that is why our mission is to make joining a DAO as easy and reliable as working with ants. When you own your own project, you can make a global impact in many ways. Help us drive the DAO revolution.


Nnsdao belongs to all of us. We do the right thing, even when it is harder in the short run. We challenge the status quo by reasoning from first principles and show up with integrity in everything we do.

1 DAOs, 1 Dream

Nnsdao is a community of users, developers, designers, and other professionals who can collaborate and share their pain and success with each other. We seek out, gather, and trust a diverse group of independent developers with different perspectives to guide Nnsdao is progress. We go above and beyond for each other.

Catalytic Characters

In a decentralized organization, a catalyst creates a circle and then withdraws into the background. A Catalyst makes a decentralized organization work and then gives control back to the members. However, even when the Catalyst is gone, the influence of the Catalyst is still felt at times by the people in the circle. A catalyst is a person who inspires people to take action.