The boundaryless autonomous organization.

Built on a centralized consensus, it seeks out people with common hobbies and interests, it connects everyone through a catalyst.

Launch dApps
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Services Flow

Step 01

Discover & Invite

In the Nnsdao ecosystem, find your favorite DAO or create a new one and invite your friends to join.

Step 02

Product & Buidl

Create a product, set goals, refine and find market fit, and get more users to experience and join the DAO.

Step 03

DAOs & Earn

Share the proceeds with the community, return governance to the community, and implement progressive decentralization to make the DAO bottom-up and profitable for all.


DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. Each of these words can be interpreted in many ways, spawning different definitions of DAOs with emphasis on one aspect or another. In order to clarify the concept, let’s analyze each term.

The NNS is the autonomous software that governs the Internet Computer and manages everything from economics to network structure. The NNS is hosted within the network itself, and is part of the system of protocols that securely weaves together the compute capacity of node machines to create the Internet Computer blockchain network, allowing the network to be autonomous and adaptive. The NNS acts as an autonomous “master” blockchain with a public key to validate all ICP transactions.

The Internet Computer is formed by an advanced decentralized protocol called ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) that independent data centers around the world run to combine the power of individual computers into an unstoppable seamless universe where internet native software is hosted and run with the same security guarantees as smart contracts. It is integrated with Internet standards such as DNS, and can server user experiences directly to Web browsers and smartphones.

NnsDAO originates from the combination of IC's Network Nervous System idea and DAO organization. In analogy to the complexity of human neural networks and combined with the prospect of individuals in the pursuit of independence, freedom, and autonomy, NnsDAO was established with the main vision of achieving a decentralized, user-led, free and autonomous protocol.

NnsDAO is a boundaryless autonomous organization, which provides some basic modular programmable services for building the world of DAOn.

The goal of NnsDAO is to realize the interconnection of everything, container interconnection, and application interconnection on the basis of ICP, in the era of WEB3.0, everyone can have their own data sovereignty, everyone can realize autonomy for their favorite DAOs, everything is like neurons with rules and orderly governance,and NnsDAO is not just a DAO, it is more like glue, how do you feel? Just DAOs it.

Nomos is the core of the entire NnsDAO protocol. It was formed by the community and developers jointly maintaining the early rules before the NnsDAO mainnet went live, which is what Vitalik pointed out before: 'gradual decentralization', used to develop the early protocol rules After the launch of the mainnet, NnsDAO will conduct asset allocation, development progress, and protocol management based on the entire development roadmap and proposal model.

DAOn was established at the beginning of its establishment by a catalytic approach and adding restraint rules. Each DAOn will form its own field when it is established, and it will be proposed in the form of a proposal, that is, when each DAOn is established, it will be the same as NDP DAOn.

The NnsDAO protocol is a programmable and intelligent modular protocol, which includes but is not limited to the following basic protocol functions: Nomos Core, DAOn domain rules, DAOs service functions and rules, virtual passport system, governance module, and other functions.

NDP is the governance token of NnsDAO Protocol. It is a kind of rights for the community to participate in governance and voting after the main network of the NnsDAO protocol runs. However, NDP only occupies a part of the voting weight. NDP holders can participate in Grant, create DAOn, DAOs, Get airdrops, unlock rare NFTs, etc.

In the WEB3.0 era, independent dApps or protocols will record each user's on-chain behavior, and use this to measure the reputation of user behavior. Based on this on-chain behavior, NnsDAO proposes a governance hypothesis based on the user system. At the beginning of the agreement, each user who enters will receive a certain token reward. With the growth of time, under the effect of DAOs, each user will form its own unique virtual reputation.

Modularizing your DAOs

Openchat is a decentralized chat app governed by the people for the people, It will provide a canister-based SDK, which will be part of the NnsDAO module in the future.


ICmarket is a "diversified" "tradable" NFT platform that provides user-oriented creation and collaboration. In Nnsdao is subDAO module functionality, marketplace capabilities can be integrated, and users can install NFT mint, marketplace trading services, auctions, and other services directly through DAO.


Mora allows users to create a unique Web3 space where they can have independent content data, subscription relationships, financial information, and even complex algorithms. In each DAO, Mora can be bound and content can be published.



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About Nnsdao

Nnsdao originated from the combination of IC's NNS idea and DAO organization, in analogy to the complexity of human neural networks, and combined with the prospect of individuals in the pursuit of independence, freedom and autonomy to establish NNSDAO, the main vision is to achieve a decentralized, user-led free autonomous protocol.

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